It’s time to move away from using whiteboards, spreadsheets, and cookie-cutter platforms to manage your construction workforce planning. These systems are prone to errors that lead to unplanned downtime.

And the more your workers don’t work (whether on-site or between jobs), the more it hurts your construction company.

That’s why you need a custom workforce management (WFM) solution tailored to your exact business needs.

With a custom construction workforce management solution built using low-code, you’ll bridge the gaps in your workflows, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and open the door to the resources you need to scale your construction business.

Benefits of WFM Built Using Low Code

The main benefit of deploying a custom-built WFM solution for your construction business is that you’ll streamline your processes, leading to decreased costs and more productivity.

Key Improvements WFM Solutions Provide:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Superior project planning
  • Labor reduction and/or optimization
  • Lower operating/administrative costs
  • Better attendance, performance, and credential tracking for your workers
  • The ability to better offer employees coaching, training, and support
  • Reduction in local, state, and federal compliance violations
  • Stronger customer relationships and higher satisfaction.
  • Streamlined payroll and accounting
  • Automated, real-time reporting

You’ll also see a positive improvement in your workplace culture with a WFM solution in place. By automating your workforce processes, you’ll reduce errors, miscommunication, and frustration among your staff. Projects will be better managed, leading to a reduction in stress across your organization.

And if you’re looking to make your business more agile, WFM solutions are key. They allow you to rapidly adjust your production schedules and staff in a rapidly shifting environment.

Messy Workforce Management Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a right and wrong way to go about WFM in your construction business. If you’re looking for a better solution before you’ve got your people and processes figured out, you’re going to run into problems.

Hiring the right people for the job is an integral part of success. Without skilled workers, your construction business won’t last long. There’s no substitute for high-quality team members.

Technology can also only take you so far. Processes are essential for streamlining how work gets done in your organization. By standardizing your processes, you make it easier for your team to get into alignment and increase your chances of success.

However, the opposite is quite true, too.

Processes alone can only get you so far. If you’re still manually entering data, conducting reports, and processing menial tasks, you’re reaching peak efficiency long before your competitors leverage technology to automate these processes.

Still, you want to avoid automating for the sake of automating.

Instead, you want to make sure your WFM solution makes your business faster, more efficient, and exceeds your customers’ expectations. It should also improve your workplace culture. Check these boxes and you’ll achieve a justifiable ROI for your WFM solution.

You should also avoid the tendency to rush out and buy a turnkey WFM solution.

While many of these platforms have a long list of features, they may not fit your exact business needs. As a result, you’ll end up changing your business to fit the technology.

Sadly, a lot of businesses do just that because they’re worried about the costs associated with custom application development. And that’s where low-code offers a simple solution.

Why Low Code for Your Workforce Management Solution?

Successful workforce management in construction means having the right people in the right place at the right time with the systems and tools in place so they can succeed.

Without that, you put your business at risk. You can end up with your workers standing around on some projects while other teams are overworked. Or, you may send employees to a job site without the right certification, increasing the risk of injury while opening your business up to significant fines.

Plus, you can end up wasting money with costly errors that lead to oversights, mismanaging of projects, or excessive waste.

Construction workforce management tools streamline these processes.

And while you have your pick of out-of-the-box solutions, they won’t be tailored to your exact needs. They can also be very expensive, leaving you investing in a solution that may or may not work for your business.

At Quandary, we specialize in building custom workforce management solutions using low-code for our clients.

Our tools are built-to-suit solutions that streamline workforce management by automating and streamlining: human resource management, scheduling, project planning, data management and analytics, forecasting, team communication, and so much more.

We build our solutions using low-code because it allows us to rapidly create custom, affordable applications. In fact, by 2024, more than 70% of applications in businesses will be built with low-code. Costs scale with your business needs, allowing you to stay within your budget while getting enterprise-level solutions.

In short, you get the power of enterprise solutions without the enterprise price tag.

See how we've helped our clients improve their businesses and get insane ROIs by checking out our case studies below.