Interested in submitting a guest post? These are our guidelines.

We get a LOT of requests for guest posts. To streamline the process, please ensure your piece meets all of the guidelines below. That way, we can get it published as quickly as possible.


  1. Content must be 100% original: We do not republish posts.
  2. Length: 600 - 2000+ words. It can be longer, but usually not shorter.
  3. Edited: Spell checked, edited, concise.
  4. Target keywords: The post should either be written around a specific keyword or it should be a uniquely interesting (thought-leadership) piece.
  5. Optimized: Should follow SEO best practices with regard to headings, short paragraphs, skimmable, etc
  6. The piece should fall into one of the following categories:
    1. Low-code/No-code
    2. Procurement
    3. Automation
    4. Integration
    5. Business/Digital Transformation
    6. Process Improvement
  7. Links: Any links in the article should be high-quality sources. They are subject to editing. If you wish to keep a certain link in the piece, please let us know.
  8. Fees: We do not charge for guest posts. If you go through the trouble of writing a great piece, we’ll share it with our audience.
  9. Bio: Please include a short bio and a headshot.
  10. Images: We’ll add the images unless you have one you’d specifically like in the piece. Then, please share the image credits.
  11. The most important one:
  12. Aim for awesome: Write something thought-provoking, interesting, and/or share your expertise. Our readers would love to hear it. These are people struggling to grow their businesses. Your insights are very, very valuable to them.

When you’re ready, please use the link below to email us with your proposal or your finished piece. Put “Guest Post” in the subject line. Please send the URL to the google doc.

Thank you for your interest and your time!

Emails that DO NOT follow these guidelines will be ignored.

What to Avoid:

  • Any post that’s solely for a backlink will be ignored.
  • Topics already covered in our blog
  • Plagiarized or “spun” content
  • Overly promotional pieces (you can mention products but it shouldn’t be advertorial)
  • Thin content that offers little value
  • Inaccurate claims or offensive/overly critical content

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