Never Miss A Project Deadline With These 5 Software

In business, one of the most important responsibilities is to hit project deadlines when they are set.

While a unanimous majority of corporations believe that proper project management is critical to the success of their business, fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year.

Below are five ways you can meet those deadlines using software:

1. Use a Project Management Tool

Too many companies set targets that are unrealistic and use time pressure to push for delivery – without taking into consideration the task timeline and the resources needed to accomplish it. A proper project management tool for businesses, such as Asana or Trello, can be a good starting point for blocking out a project into chunks and assigning subtasks for different responsibles.

Additionally, if you prefer to forgo traditional SaaS products and want a custom build – you can build an entire suite of project management applications using Quick Base.

2. Audit Your Time

We tend to be very optimistic about the time or energy required in order to complete a project. Instead, one of the best ways to meet project deadlines is to build in a buffer, giving yourself more time if needed. However, another powerful tactic is to set up a deadline ahead of the final one so that you can hit it.

In order to determine how much time you regularly take to complete a task, using tools such as RescueTime or Time Doctor can help you track your online habits.

3. Use Better Communication & Collaboration Software

Nearly 59% of workers in the U.S say that communication is standing in the way of project success (source:Atlassian). Furthermore, few team members are in agreement of when a project is said to be done – hurting deadlines.

What this signals is a need for better collaboration software to open up on tasks and responsibilities for teams. If you have employees that are working remotely, using a proper conferencing application such as UberConference can dramatically improve communication.

4. Integrate Your Systems

By this point, you may already be using several different softwares for your communication channels and projects.

For instance, perhaps you are using a CRM for sales, Asana to manage your projects, and need to send a message to your team on Slack for the next step in the process. Rather than waste time repeating the same message – integrate your systems to make the action automatic and significantly boost productivity.

Check out this article on Workato to see the time-saving capabilities of software integration.

5. Eliminate Online Distractions

We tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to time management. In an age where we are juggling so many digital applications and notifications, it can be difficult to focus when it comes to crunch time.

If you need to execute by a certain deadline, eliminating distractions from social media and other websites can be accomplished using an app like Freedom. Mac users can also benefit from an application such as Hocus Focus, which hides inactive windows and allows you to work on one application at a time.

While the number of projects to handle will never diminish, software has offered much more effective techniques for us to manage our time effectively and hit deadlines. Try out some of these tips and impress your team with your newfound productivity!

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