With technology evolving and changing the way businesses operate, it becomes necessary for a company to consider ways to keep up with their competitors. Businesses might consider making their processes more efficient through automations or integrating their systems for more productive workflows.

We are Quandary Consulting Group, a Denver based start up that guides businesses through the process of upgrading systems, analyzing stuck points, and reaching business goals. Since there are a few aspects to our approach that set us apart from our competitors, we thought we’d help get the word out about the advantages to choosing our company to help.

Listen First Approach

Starting with the pre-sales process, we position ourselves as not just another technology provider. We really care that our customers succeed, so, we take care to understand what their goals fully include. Most times, they’re not even sure what they need, which is why we’ve got the best teammates available.

Typical engagements will include a full discovery that includes documenting the current state processes and ‘wish list’ items outlined. After getting a clear picture of your company’s unique business needs, we begin to apply a systematic approach that is 100% centered around your team and their needs.

Because we are business consultants with engineering capabilities, we target results– not to just install another system, or sell products or services. The advantage to our hybrid approach is that we can provide insight into business strategy, and also provide technical tools to apply that strategy more efficiently, through automating processes, connecting systems, and familiarizing your team with the new strategies. We’ll make sure that our solution fits well, is functioning how it should, and suggest options for future growth and efficiencies.

Here’s a little graphic to explain this approach from our website:

Access More Value

We are not just a one-stop shop– when we provide our services, we become your partner. That means we continue to guide and maintain your project, ensuring its long-term success. Also, because we have some of the most knowledgeable Quick Base engineers on our team, we’re able to spend less time developing and get your solution to market in a timely manner. Our speed to market will raise your company’s internal buy-in and increase ROI as well. Our pricing is fair and catered toward your Business’ long term success, providing more value and deliverables overall.

Our software expertise aside, we are able to remedy complex process issues.

Here are some common, telling signs that your business could be more efficient:

  • The tension between departments caused by misunderstandings
  • Dependence on specific people
  • Lengthy integration of new hires
  • The negative ratio of value-adding to supporting activities
  • Issues with reporting in finance, project management, production or HR spheres
  • Important downtime occurrences
  • The software is responsible for bottlenecks in customer service
  • Increasing need of personal control by department heads

If any of these markers are present in your current system, you may have a project worth discussing, to do that click here.

Our Whole Team at Your Disposal

This one really sets us apart from the crowd: when you enlist our services, you get our entire team dedicated to your project. A common practice within consulting firms is to assign one consultant for each client. Although we recognize this enables the consulting firms to take on more clients at once, at Quandary we value the quality of problem-solving our team can do as a whole; and we want you to notice the difference.

We work as a team on every project– involving specialists from different spheres to fit your business need(s). Our project team includes Project Managers, Engineers, Software Experts, and more. We’re able to offer insight into different areas including process improvement, software integrations, E-commerce solutions, development, custom software, and even digital marketing. If your solution requires a hybrid of these different services, we’re able to provide that as well.

Our Comprehensive Knowledge Base

We provide ongoing support for our clients and peers by being active in the Quick Base Community. We answer other developers’ questions on their forums and have established ourselves as leaders among Quick Base Experts. Our development team’s helpful insights are added to our Knowledge Base. It is full of helpful Quick Base tips and tricks and is updated weekly. We love to support the development of people and businesses alike as we create youtube videos, blogs, and articles, all to share our knowledge weekly.

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