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If you do a bit of googling, you’ll see article after article with mentions of corrupted data by way of spreadsheets. In fact, 88% of all spreadsheets have “significant” errors in them. In the past, the lack of industry-wide standards has largely been to blame for these discrepancies. However, the point remains that over-complicated spreadsheets are not only difficult to read and analyze but are prone to data entry errors due to sheer size.

Is there a better way?

There’s always a better way. New technologies are revolutionizing the way we share and analyze data. Platforms with the capacity to process huge amounts of data across different sources make the access and manipulation of data quick and easy. These applications contain powerful analytics tools, allowing for reports to be configured to specific business units and roles. You can even have your reports automated, so you never have to manipulate a spreadsheet for data discovery ever again.

So, what are the key benefits to using these platforms and services over spreadsheets?

  • Data integrity – make decisions with confidence, with information you can trust
  • Data discovery – gain a competitive advantage with powerful analytics for insights
  • Speed – access your data, live, whenever you want
  • Efficiency – no more wasted hours performing data entry
  • Collaboration – share your data with your team whenever/however you want
  • Scalability – your platform can grow with your business
  • Simplicity – your data is easy to understand and manipulate. No complex formulas or pivot tables needed.

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