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"I have been working with Quandary Consulting Group and Quick Base for almost 2 years. Quick Base Provided a way to streamline a unique billing/payable process. Quandary designed a program specifically to transfer information between multiple systems. Tracking and reconciling information is efficient and simple. The staff reacts quickly to the changing processes by providing timely updates and superior support."

"We have been working with Quandary for a year or two now. They are great to work with and are very collaborative in working with you to develop tools that will work best for your organization. The development process from the customer perspective is always simple and easy. The team at Quandary is always very responsive to our needs, and goes above and beyond to ensure that we are satisfied customers."

"My team has been with several partners over the years and Quandary stands out above the rest. They really understand our business and focus our Quick Base initiatives and applications truly on what we need. Their technical abilities are outstanding and can accomplish any request we throw at them whether through Quick Base or utilizing integration tools. They are communicative, professional, and total experts. As part of our team, they even help us manage and put on our annual conference. We couldn't do it without them. Thank you for everything you do for us Quandary!"

"The Quandary Team came to the table with an immense amount of knowledge regarding a project management application of QB. Their comprehensive Launch and Support have been invaluable to our team."

When you share Quandary with your partners, they will enjoy 15% savings in addition to the increased productivity and efficiency you already experience.

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Your contacts referred to Quandary Consulting Group are treated with the utmost Respect and Professionalism. We won’t send repetitive emails or harass your partners if they don’t want to take advantage of your referral gift. We understand that you are sharing to your coworkers, business associates, and friends, and we never share client contact information externally.

How do referrals work?

When you refer your partners and contacts to Quandary Consulting Group, you’re not just sharing the efficiency and streamlining that has benefitted your business. Companies that work with the best are the best. So once you’ve boosted productivity and profit, why not extend that to your partners?

Referring your partners is as simple as providing their email or phone number, but you can also suggest an application or solution that you think will help build the best relationship and the most productive crossover between your companies. We will reach out to your contact and let them know they have received this gift from you.

If your referral chooses to work with Quandary, you will receive 15% savings off your monthly subscription in gratitude for your loyalty and willingness to spread the word! As always, Quandary Consulting Group’s highest value is acting with the professionalism our clients deserve, so you can rest assured your referrals will be treated with respect and care.

Who should I refer?

No company is an island, and these days every company is interconnected with multiple partners, vendors, and affiliates that work together as part of the business ecosystem. Who is a key support in your network? What integrated partners do you work with that could benefit from direct data sharing via API?

One of the greatest qualities of our applications is their flexibility and customization options. Never feel limited to particular business processes or just your closest network contacts. Quandary has provided solutions to integrated partners, but also to friends and family of current clients in different markets who have benefitted from our services in myriad ways beyond the scope of their referrer’s business.

Not ready to refer?

That’s okay! As a valued Quandary Client we understand and respect that you may not be ready to make an offer to your contacts today. When you’re ready to share the many benefits of peakSUITE applications and Quandary services, we’ll be right here waiting to provide 15% savings for you and 15% savings to your contacts, partners, and friends.

In the meantime, we would sincerely appreciate your comments about your experience with your specific peakSUITE solution or service, features you’ve enjoyed, or your relationship with Quandary Consulting Group. No one is better informed than you about the many benefits of working with Quandary Consulting Group, so please share your expertise!

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