Quick Base 101

If you’re trying to decide between Quick Base and another product, let’s first define what Quick Base is and how it might be the right workspace for you and your business.

What is Quick Base?

Quick Base is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) workspace, built for business users, that allows you to customize or build any type of application where you have multiple users sharing/moving/viewing data. It contains basic database features such as tables and fields, which can be connected with relationships, as well as out of the box reporting (graphs and charts too!), roles and permissions. You can use your application to streamline your team’s communication as you input and share business data.

How do Quick Base applications work?

A Quick Base application consists of one or more tables, which are lists of information. Each table consisting of rows and columns (fields) that are related to each other. Each table can be thought of as a single spreadsheet, so an application is essentially a collection of spreadsheets that can be related to each other. This means that you can look up a customer, for example, and see all of the activities related to that customer. Each piece of information you want to collect is a field within a table, that can be viewed via reports/charts so that you and your team can stay on task.

How is it customized?

The reason Quick Base is so powerful is that it can be customized to suit the needs of your business. There is virtually no limit to what you can do and the number of applications you can use within your personal workspace. You can track anything you need, and you can create custom home pages for different users within your organization to show each team member just the information they need to get their job done. For example, members of your sales team can have their custom homepage feature only information that help them manage the sales process.

How can you use it?

When you first login to Quick Base, you immediately have access to a countless range of applications via the Quick Base exchange. These ready-to-use applications contain sample data, which allows you to familiarize yourself with how fields interact within a table. You can delete this sample data and enter your own when you’re ready. You can also start from scratch, building your own application from nothing or import your data from excel any way you would like for it to be structured.

In short, Quick Base provides an extremely simple user interface for interacting with an application that you build. Once your application is created, you can add new records, create new tables, create relationships, manage users/roles, and sending reports via email. If properly utilized, Quick Base can be the lifeline of your daily tasks.

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