Quick Base Empower 2019 – In Full Swing!

This June, Quick Base will host its annual Empower conference. Citizen developers from all over the country will gather to celebrate their accomplishments and learn about all the different business solutions that are possible with this software platform. From June 10-13th they’ll be giving companies the chance to form connections with other users and experts.

Fun and Games

The event will start early on Monday morning, with the last speaker closing at noon on Thursday. Some guests will be arriving on Sunday to participate in a Pre-conference App-a-thon. Teams of 3–4 participants will compete to build the best app in a challenge. The teams will have just over six hours to build a solution. As professional Quick Base developers, we will not be competing (in the spirit of fairness, of course)! Winners will be announced at the off-site party Wednesday night!

Impactful Event

As far as the annual conference itself, Quick Base users will have plenty to do! The event will feature customer awards, learning opportunities, keynote speakers, an offsite party, and hands-on access to new Quick Base features as they are unveiled, networking sessions and more! Conference goers will likely grow a great deal from the pre-packaged networking sessions. They will be organized to focus on a variety of different job functions and industries. In fact, Kelly Hayes from CCI Systems said, “Everything about Empower was so impactful to me and my organization. Some of our best app ideas have come directly from the breakout sessions. Hearing how others use Quick Base across their organizations helps us to dream even bigger.”

Learning Tracks & Quick Hits

New this year, there will be session tracks that funnel attendees into different learning tracks catering to their different knowledge levels. There will be options ranging from: ‘Building Your First App’ track for beginners, to ‘Extending Quick Base For Experts’ and many more appealing headlines to go with each new track. With this new feature, guests will be empowered to cater the experience to their needs. They can choose between a 2-hour workshop session for hands-on learning, or sit in on a ‘Quick Hits’ session for 20 minutes of app feature highlights. And, back by popular demand, the Women’s Leadership Breakfast will be held at 7:30 on Wednesday– this time featuring keynote speaker, Julian Guthrie. A best-selling author and journalist, she will give insight into the untold story of pioneering women in Silicon Valley. To learn more click here.

As you can see, in true Quick Base fashion, the experience is customizable. Click here to get the full, printable agenda and start planning!

2019 Sponsors

We are happy to be among some great innovators in our industry, including our partner, Workato. We have been hard at work designing an awesome experience for you over at the Quandary Consulting Group kiosk. Come meet some of our team, play games, and choose some complimentary swag– just for saying Hi! We’ll have pop-sockets, stickers, and face-painting for the taking! We will be using #QBEmpower2019 and our custom hashtag, #byespreadsheets to document our experience! Be sure to toon into our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to hear about our highlights and favorite takeaways from the conference.

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