Power BI is a business intelligence service that allows users to turn streams of data into easy-to-digest, visual insights. The data can come in the form of a spreadsheet or another local database. Furthermore, the tool allows you to visualize and understand data that would be otherwise incoherent.

This is especially useful for business executives that need to be able to make decisions at a glance.

Power BI has a desktop application, an online service, and a mobile application – each of which communicates with each other and makes business intelligence insights easy to share. To anyone familiar with Microsoft products, the interface should feel quite intuitive.

What does this mean going forward?

With the launch of a new connector, Quick Base users can now import data from multiple sources such as Oracle, NetSuite, SalesForce, and of course Quick Base, into a single reporting structure.

Standard Quick Base reports rely heavily on tables, which can be difficult to sift through – however with the new connector, you can review all of your data in an easy to analyze dashboard.

Moreover, users can embed Power BI reports within Quick Base. This seamless integration allows them to navigate through reports without ever having to leave Quick Base.

Although the new Power BI offers a high degree of functionality, first-time users may need support from an experienced provider to ensure that all of your systems are connected. At Quandary, the Quick Base applications we build are designed with simple decision-making as the core objective.

One of the first steps we take is to organize your data so that it’s easy to import to Power BI, which improves reporting and makes multiple data sources compatible.

Better data management is key to more streamlined business operations. Hence, more time and money saved!

To hear about different industries that are taking advantage of the functionality of Quick Base, check out the 10 Industries That Use Quick Base Effectively.

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