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Magento developer can fine-tune your Magento shop to your preferences and business model. Among all e-commerce platforms, Magento stands out as the most powerful and scalable. You will find yourself facing numerous integrations and add-ons to make it work the way you need it and adapt it to your business. This is particularly true for the Community Edition. Let’s have a closer look at the similarities and differences between different editions of the Magento e-commerce platform.

Magento Community edition

Magento Community edition is open-source. This means that the company itself is not developing it. Instead, anybody who wants to improve the platform can do it. This also means that this edition is free to use. Therefore, in case you are a programmer with some experience of e-commerce, you can build your online store and not pay for the core software anything.

While many online articles recommend Magento community edition to small and medium businesses, it is essential to understand that it will require either plenty of your time and skills to have it up and running, or you will need to hire a Magento developer who will take care of the setup and fine-tuning for you. In both cases, the investment is usually over any reasonable costs for a small business.

This is why other simpler e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce for WordPress and Shopify blossom. While they have plenty of downsides and can’t compete with Magento in scalability, they allow rapid installation, and you can have your online store up and running in hours. On the other end of the scales, Magento requires several days of focused efforts to start selling online. Even most experienced Magento developers often spend 10-14 days on a new setup.

One significant characteristic of the Community edition is that, like any other open-source software, you can do everything you want with it to make sure it fits well your business. There is also an official extensions marketplace that allows the users to enhance their online store with functionality that they need.

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Magento Enterprise edition

Magento Enterprise edition is a paid version of Magento. The prices start at around $20,000 per year and go as high as $125,000 per year. Obviously, this is a solution for well-established e-commerce businesses with significant revenue and volumes. Enterprise edition is full of additional features. For example, there’s an extra layer of security and 24/7 phone and email support service.

Both, Community and Enterprise editions are open-source. They are both based on the same Magento platform with the same core features and basic functions. API allowing additional integrations is also available in both versions.

There are also some substantial differences between the two editions, particularly important for bigger e-commerce sites with significant traffic and sales volumes. Enterprise Edition delivers impressive performance straight out-of-the-box. On average pages load within 1.5 seconds which improves their positions on search results pages significantly. This is achieved with Varnish Caching that optimizes images and code.

While many of the functions of Enterprise Edition are available as extensions for the Community Edition, there is one core difference that sets Enterprise Edition worlds apart. It is capable of handling over three million page views per hour and more than 250,000 transactions. This makes it one of the most robust e-commerce platforms in the world.

Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce is also known as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. Adobe calls it PaaS (Platform as a Service). Magento Commerce is a cloud service that combines the robust features of the original Enterprise Edition with ease of setup and unlimited scalability. It’s a perfect combination of all the features needed for a growing e-commerce business. Magento Commerce is designed to handle significant traffic and includes caching leading to lighting-speed page load times.

In comparison to other cloud platforms, particularly Shopify, Magento Commerce includes all the best characteristics of both worlds – ease of management that Shopify is famous for alongside impressive scalability and set of additional out-of-the-box features that will make your online store thrive even at larger scale. Just like Community and Enterprise Edition, Magento Commerce is strong due to the whole ecosystem of Magento developers, partners and merchants.

Two vital elements of the Magento Commerce Cloud are Order Management and Business Intelligence. The first allows easy integration of online and brick and mortar shopping. A client can order online and pick up his purchases in a store or order delivery to his home or office address which can originate from any location, be it a warehouse or one of the shops.

The Business Intelligence helps you gain insights into all facets of your e-commerce business. To grow your online store, you need to know how you acquire, convert and retain your customers. This module allows you to analyze the data and find opportunities for growth in a couple of clicks.

While Magento Commerce is an impressive system out-of-box, there are always plenty of improvements you need to make to integrate it with your existing business processes and get the best of it. Magento developers can help you do the technical work. One thing that sets Quandary CG apart is that our team also specializes in business process improvement. This means that along with the integration tasks, we can also help you fine-tune the processes and boost your business.

Magento partners – Solution partner

Magento developers often join the partnership program and get a Solution Partner label. Partners help fuel the growth of online stores worldwide by improving and extending the existing setup of clients’ Magento platform. Some of the most popular services that Magento developers provide are focused around customization and design as every business needs to find its tone of voice and style and maintain it throughout all communication channels, especially in the online store itself.

Another vital area of services provided by Magento developers is data loading or migration. Whether your Magento e-commerce is a brand-new development or an upgrade from less robust platforms, loading all the product details and variations is always a tedious task that should be delegated as much as possible.

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Data migration.

Although the fields you use for product characteristics in any e-commerce setups usually are quite uniform and don’t change depending on the platform, the way they are stored in the database can be entirely different. All steps from extracting the data from your old platform, adapting the formatting to your Magento setup and importing it hide plenty of challenges that can break the whole process. Magento developers assure it goes flawlessly.

Product data loading.

Uploading details for a dozen products when you start your e-commerce business is quite simple and can even be done manually. However, as your business grows and you reach hundreds or thousands of SKUs (stock keeping units), the task gains a huge weight and becomes a big recurring duty. Changing any of the details leads to potential mistakes and hours of time wasted correcting them. Magento developers can help you streamline the product data loading and guarantee correct results. Quandary CG can help you fine-tune your processes in addition to the technical loading tasks to make sure they are effective, and your time and other resources are bringing the best return on investment.

Basic training.

New platform always means learning. Magento is robust and full of features that help your business succeed. This leads to a rather steep learning curve. You can conquer it with your trials and errors, but who has time for this in the fast-paced environment of e-commerce? This is where your Magento developer can step in to help you get the necessary skills quickly and effectively.

Magento eCommerce development

The unlimited power of Magento lies in its extensions. Magento Marketplace is currently home to over 4,000 different extensions. While purchasing and adding them to your online store is quite easy, fine-tuning and aligning them with your business processes is more complicated and often requires support from a Magento eCommerce developer.


It is vital to make the checkout and payment process as easy as possible for the clients. Unfortunately, many businesses forget that there are cultural differences and customers in different countries came to expect other payment options in addition to credit cards and PayPal. There are different preferred payment options depending on the client’s location. For example, Sofort direct transfers are extremely popular in Germany, in the Netherlands – iDeal can boast the same level of popularity. Missing these payment options in these countries means a potential loss of sales for your online store. Quandary Magento developers combine their technical skills with the global reach and expertise of our consultants to make sure you do everything necessary to boost your business.


Fulfillment, in general, is one of the most complicated parts of any e-commerce business. Numerous extensions are available on Magento marketplace to simplify your shipping activities. However, Magento developers help you integrate the separate blocks and make sure they work in unison. This can help you automate many of the fulfillment steps.


Taxation varies significantly in different countries and even within a single country like the US. It can easily become a massive headache for anybody in the e-commerce business. Magento developers can save you from these problems by installing and fine-tuning out-of-the-box and custom extensions. These extensions automatically calculate VAT and sales tax depending on the client’s location and synchronize the sales data with your favorite bookkeeping software.

Magento web developer

When extensions are not enough to reach your business goals, it’s better to hire a Magento web developer. Customization of the platform and extensions help you create an environment that will streamline your e-commerce operations and get an additional boost.

The pros for hiring a Magento web developer are multiple. Among them, ongoing support is the most important. Growing an online store is complicated because numerous modules and extensions tend to follow Murphy’s law and conflict at the worst possible moments. Having a professional e-commerce developer ready to jump in and save you is priceless.

Security and platform updates tend to be two of the most popular reasons for hiring a Magento web developer. As your client base grows larger, your e-commerce business stores and more personal data. In many cases, this includes credit card details. In this situation, security becomes a vital element of your business. Given numerous personal data regulations worldwide like the famous GDRP in the European Union, risking your customers’ data means risking fines of significant magnitude that can put any medium online store out of business.

Upgrade from Shopify to Magento

Shopify is the fastest-growing online store platform. It owes its success to the ease of setup and operations. Everything is user-friendly and nice-looking. However, Shopify has several fundamental flaws that make countless e-commerce entrepreneurs switch to Magento as soon as their business reaches some scale and can finance the upgrade. Magento web developers are instrumental in this process.

Moving from Shopify to Magento requires technical expertise to streamline the process and guarantee flawless execution. The wrong approach can lead to significant downtimes and lost sales. No business owner would make a grounded decision to hurt his revenue.

  • The principal reasons for an upgrade from Shopify to Magento are:
  • Customer experience management. Straight and rigid Shopify is not flexible enough for bigger e-commerce businesses.
  • Wired for growth. – Manage multiple stores, transacts in numerous countries, languages, currencies, and use several worldwide shipping providers, all within a single instance
  • Leverages Magento’s large Extensions Marketplace to add rich feature/capabilities and enable integrations with your other digital tools (e.g., ERP, CRM)
  • Allows merchants to sell customizable products and digital goods online
  • Enables merchants to handle the complexities of B2B commerce
  • Ensures privacy and security

Magento is one of the most robust e-commerce platforms online. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution and is more appropriate for established online stores with significant volumes. Quandary can guide you for optimal efficiency and best results whether you are just starting your online business or transferring an existing one to this platform.

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