Improving Businesses By Way Of Digital Transformation


Recently, there has been much discussion around the revival and transformation of legacy industries that have embraced the age of Digital Transformation. In an article from, the Oil & Gas industry was specifically mentioned as not keeping up with the times. It’s no secret that Oil & Gas has been a big time money making industry for quite some time. Perhaps there is a general “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality amongst enterprises within this field. Although this may be true to some extent, failure to keep up with the digital age will undoubtedly result in a competitive disadvantage to those unwilling to innovate and evolve.

There are many options available to streamline Oil & Gas industry practices, or any industry/enterprise for that matter. Though many of these technologies can be costly to implement, there are affordable tools that can make an immediate impact within your business.

Take Slack for example. This simple chat-focused application allows for cloud-based team collaboration. Users can communicate individually, amongst a group, or even within a topic based channel that you can create and invite others within your organization to join. Based on surveying it’s own users, Slack reports 25% fewer meetings, 32% more productivity, and 50% fewer emails. You can also utilize chat bots  (an easy intro to the world of automation) within slack to streamline workflows and boost productivity. With multiple pricing options, Slack is a low-cost implementation that improves team collaboration.

If your Project Management team needs some assistance, take a look at Monday’s platform also allows you to track everything your team is working on. You can see who is working on what, if they’re on pace with timelines, and assign specific tasks or projects to members of your team. Pricing varies depending on the number of users, but you can choose your from different plans and select your preferred billing cycle (monthly, yearly, or two yearly).

Whatever your budget or business needs, there are solutions that can impact your enterprise. Emerging technologies are easier than ever to implement. So, if you’re behind in these adaptations, take a step in the right direction and give one of these options a try.

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