How to Reduce Procurement Process Inefficiencies

The Future of E-Procurement in Business

The procurement process (P2P) plays an increasingly vital role in business. We live in an era of tightening budgets and increasing demands. To survive, companies need to remain competitive while continuously innovating, no matter their size. This means they need any added edge they can get. Fortunately, e-procurement provides a simple solution that builds bottom lines and reduces the many efficiencies that slow down organizational growth.

How to Fix 9 of the Greatest Procurement Process Inefficiencies

The pressing concerns of the procurement process are common in all businesses, big or small. Most of these issues are the result of companies overlooking the P2P process altogether. Or, at best, they only implement minor, disconnected improvements. Either way, replacing dated P2P systems with e-procurement software can reduce most of their inefficiencies.

Inconsistent Procurement Processes

The larger a company, the easier it is for manual processes to create major discrepancies in the procurement process. Some departments will have unique relationships with vendors or their own policies they follow. This can lead them to miss out on leveraging company-wide orders for discounts and a better vendor relationship.

E-procurement keeps processes consistent. And because it paints a full picture of the P2P process in the organization, companies can leverage the size and frequency of their orders for discounts and faster deliveries. In short, they can build better, lasting relationships overtime that can benefit each party involved.

Matching Invoices to POs

Failing to match invoices can lead to a host of problems, including double payments, penalty fees, and missed discount opportunities. Over time, these discrepancies can slow down your business and damage reputations with vendors. Vendors can also manipulate prices, and with no clear system in place, you may pay more than you originally agreed.

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