Software Integrations

Have you ever faced at least one of the issues below?

  • Lost data while moving it from one system to another
  • manually adjusting data to transfer from one system to another
  • Lengthy reporting processes

There’s a simple solution to all these. It’s software integrations.

What are software integrations?

Most businesses use multiple apps, software, and websites to get work done on a daily basis. The problem is these stand-alone systems do not work together. This often means your transferring data across multiple platforms resulting in costly human errors and lost time. We solve this by integrating your systems so they seamlessly work together. We do this by developing and implementing various API’s

What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows one application to talk to another application through simple commands.

Being that each application has a specific language, accessing certain data across various platforms can be difficult. An API integration is a process that connects your systems to speak the same language. We described different possible approaches of integrations in the article about ERP implementation.

There are numerous ways how to integrate the APIs. It’s important to choose the one that will fit your business needs and scaling plans.

How you can benefit from software integrations.

  • Timely synchronization between systems. No more interruption to realign the data. No more “let’s wait till tomorrow to see the report.” This saves your time and money.
  • Custom workflows. You will be in full control of your data streams. Imagine, there are no system restrictions, and you can overlap any data sets you wish.
  • Minimized user error. No manual data entry means no hand-made errors. All the integrations we do are thoroughly tested and double-checked. Thus, there will be no computer errors as well.
  • Improved productivity. Your team will perform better and with more efficiency that results in time saved and cost decreased

Our Approach

Analyze. Essentially, we are business process consultants. We use technology to help you solve your business problems and make your business more efficient. Software integrations are just one of the tools we use. We will look at the project from your business perspective, and solve your problem with technical tools.

Involve your team. Early involvement of your team members ensures better acceptance and engagement with a new system. We want to ensure your team will be happy with the new workflow so we involve them every step of the way and train them on how to work with a newly integrated platform

Ensure results. The objective of an integration project goes beyond the execution process. We consider the job done when all the tests are passed and all involved employees are fully on-board and accept the new approach. We also want to be sure that as a business owner, you start seeing the results from your new systems asap.

Maintain. We are always here to help you with the updates should you wish to install an additional application or adjust your workflows.

Software integration approach

Why us?

Business orientation. We will advise on the right selection of systems and help design the workflows so that your business runs efficiently.

Technology expertise. We will suggest the optimal solution depending on your business needs, available time and budget. We are the trusted partner of Workato solution provider.  Moreover, we have years of experience with clients from different industries and countries.

Dedicated resources. You will have a team of dedicated specialists that will work by your side. Our team of developers have years of experience integrated complex systems and are trusted experts in the field.

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