Business Applications Customization and Integration

Here are just a few of the benefits custom business application development brought our clients:

  • Thousands of hours saved on avoiding manual monkey-job operations
  • Hundreds of improvement projects launched due to personnel time availability
  • Hundreds thousand dollars revenue increase due to efficiency boost
  • Peace of mind knowing there’s a unified source of data throughout the organization

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Are custom business applications something your business needs?

Business applications, in general, are the first thing you should be looking at after when you understand your business is bound to scale. They will not help you get your first client. However, they definitely will make your life easier when you are managing the relationships with at least 50 clients, have at least a small team working with you or manage any inventory.

The market for business applications is very saturated. It seems you can find the ready-made application to meet your needs if you seek long enough. Then you start realizing that getting off-the-shelf business application becomes a compromise. You will often find yourself in a dilemma of either developing what you really need or accepting what is available out there on the market within your budget.

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A custom business application is the way to go if the list below makes sense to you:

  • You want to have a system that is built to fit your organization and business processes. You are not interested in revising the established way of working to meet the standard workflows of ready-made solutions.
  • You don’t want to tie yourself to a specific vendor for further expansion of your system’s functionality. Custom applications usually offer seamless integration regardless of who the developer is.
  • You want to have your systems updated when you need it, and not when the vendor decides to push the update patches.
  • You want to have all your business data from sales, CRM, inventory and HR systems to be one click (or one tap) away.

How we approach business application development

  • Start when you need it. We are happy to embark on your project at any stage:
    • Planning and execution
    • Doing the IT part while you manage the project on your own
    • Consulting while your staff is doing the job
    • Take-over to finish the work of a different provider
    • Dig deep into your business situation. We will consult from process improvement perspective before we get down to the development of engineering solutions. Having years of expertise with clients from various industries, we may be able to suggest you scenarios for the further development of your system to keep up with the scaling of your business.
    • Involve your team. You may opt-out of this, though according to our experience, early involvement of team members into the development process ensures better acceptance and engagement with the system. Whichever approach you choose, we have the capabilities to run the project from A to Z.
    • Ensure results. The end goal of our project is not only to install the system that doesn’t crash. We consider the job done, when all the tests are done, all involved employees are fully on-board and use the new systems. We also need to be sure that as a business owner, you start seeing the efficiency of your new systems.
    • We are always ready to help with maintenance or updates of the systems that we created.

    Software integration approach

    Why us?

    Business orientation. Essentially, we are business consultants with engineering capabilities. We are targeting all our efforts to reach your business results, not to just install another system.

    Technological expertise. We work with Clients who come from different markets all over the world. We are mastering custom applications, integrations, e-commerce, process consulting. We see the big picture from a technical perspective and are happy to give you advice on how to blend in the technology to ensure maximum efficiency of your business.

    Dedicated resources. After the project launch, you will have the team of dedicated specialists to accompany you. Depending on the nature of your business need, the team will include consultants, project managers, software engineers, and client relationship managers.

    The tech we use

    For most of our projects, we use Quick Base platform ensuring maximum flexibility in integrations and functionality. As a partner of Quick Base, our team has the skills and experiences to create your system by building off Quick Base your own proprietary software that functions exactly the way you want it to. By using this platform, we can quickly roll out a solution that is best for your business so that you don’t lose traction with a drawn-out time to market.

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