Enhancing Unified Communications As A Service

Earlier today it was announced that Workato and RingCentral are now teaming up to enhance/revolutionize the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) business model. This combined service is sure to be a game changer across multitude of industries, especially those that are highly customer-facing. What are the deliverables of these conglomerates, and how can their services change your company.

What is Unified Communications as a Service?

Techopedia defines UCaaS as “a service model where providers deliver different telecom or communications software applications or services, generally over the global IP network.” Essentially, UCaaS allows for enterprises to utilize scalable/low-cost communication services (voice, video conferencing, text).

How can UCaaS be improved/expanded?

This is where Workato’s partnership with RingCentral makes an impact. Previously, UCaaS was a valuable but seemingly limited service. Most companies utilize multiple applications for information sharing and streamlining communication between these apps and respective UCaaS providers was something not well known to companies in desperate need of such a service. By providing this offering, a critical service has been brought to light.

Integrating Workato/RingCentral!

Workato and RingCentral can be integrated into nearly any low-code system. Whether you use Salesforce, Quick Base, or Zoho (to name a few), these services can be integrated into your business applications so that your information sharing, reporting, and communication mediums can all be in sync.

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