Creating Automation With Integrations – Get Back Those Wasted Hours!

Today, more than ever, companies rely on multiple systems to manage day to day operations. The issue with utilizing a variety of different systems is the inability for one application to talk to another. This delays data share, slows productivity and increases the need for manual reporting.

Finally, you decide to integrate your systems. Now what?

Time to automate!

The major benefit of connecting your systems is to minimize man-hours that are wasted on tasks that can be automated. By doing so, you can eliminate human error and increase productivity. No more double entries, no more data entry errors.

How to create automation?

By setting up the proper triggers and/or time-based actions, data can be moved from one user/system to another automatically. A trigger is essentially a contingency that initiates a reaction if met (i.e. “if this, then that”). For example, “if” you input a new lead into your system, “then” an automated report will be sent in whatever frequency you determine. In this scenario, the “if” is the trigger and the “then” is the action.

Consider Webhooks

In addition to actions and triggers, QuickBase Webhooks can automate workflows for businesses wanting to connect Quick Base with other systems. This function enables Quick Base to notify a Quick Base application or web-enabled system about real time changes in data. By using Webhooks, you can connect Quick Base to multiple systems and increase workflow automation.

Software integration enables you automate daily tasks that are critical to your business. Why not get those hours back? Focus on things that require the human element, like engaging with coworkers and creating personal relationships.

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