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The Shocking Truth About the Digital Transformation 

You’ve heard it over and over again: “if you want your company’s digital transformation to be successful, then you need to do this! Otherwise, your organization will fail.” What is “this?” Well, it’s anything and everything from Automate. Go Mobile. Migrate to the cloud. Incorporate AR. The list goes on and on.  Companies eager to […]
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5 Examples of Successful Workflow Optimization

Workflow Management Originates From a Problem Procurement, new employee onboarding, incident response, form management…every business has workflows. And they’re not all simple, sequential processes. Instead, they often criss-cross over each other. This can complicate making changes. But at the core of every single workflow in your company rests the need to solve a problem. In […]
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The Benefits of Custom Workflow Automation

It’s understandable to be worried about attempting anything these days that has to do with the “digital transformation”. The success rate for digital initiatives hasn’t been the best. But there are plenty of reasons for this (and plenty of ways to avoid it). Once you have a clear strategy in place that avoids the common […]
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