Custom ERP Development Resulting in Full Automation of Business Processes


A growing cosmetics company that develops scientifically advanced and clinically tested beauty products


The customer’s existing ERP was built when the company has just entered the market and was unable to meet the modern business requirements and to handle the increasing demands connected with the company’s stable growth and development of new affiliate programs.  The old ERP system was slow and the existing modules were irrelevant to the company’s complex business processes so there were frequent system failures. Besides, the interfaces were complex and it was difficult for employees to figure out how to perform a simple operation. The customer wanted to fully upgrade the ERP system and make it robust enough to handle the future business growth.


At first, Quandary Custom Application Development team fixed the bugs in the existing ERP system and created new modules to add the necessary advanced functionality. Then, our experts suggested the upgrading the entire system. Quandary team organized the development project in such a way that old ERP modules continued to operate properly while new modules were being created and implemented. We created the new modules for payments, order cancellation, return merchandise authorization, and more. Then we integrated small modules into bigger ones such as order info, customer card etc.

During the development process, we took into account how the company’s employees work every day with the company’s customers, what tool they use, and what types of data they need. As a result, we managed to build a reliable ERP system that perfectly suits the client’s business processes and needs.


The new custom-developed ERP is being used by more than 500 employees of 8 company’s departments to manage their work processes every day. Being stable and fast, the new ERP system eliminates the problem of data loss when processing a growing number of customer orders and has a positive impact on the employees’ KPI.

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