Custom CRM and Job Management Software Resulting in Saving up to 2 Hours a Day


A successful heating repair company with many years of experience in the industry


The family-owned company was using an inefficient system that consisted of Microsoft Office and numerous paper files and documents. Their customers had to fill paper forms and then the data was manually put into the computer. The company’s managing director thought that reliance on paper documents that resulted in incorrectly submitted forms and many hours spent on manual data entry cost them an estimated 15% of revenue. The customer researched off-the-shelf solutions and came to the conclusion that they didn’t fit their business processes so they decided to build a bespoke CRM system with Quandary CG as the way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. They needed a system that could automate their processes and still preserved the “family business” ethos to make their customers feel that they are being dealt with directly.


Quandary Custom Application Development team built a fully customizable CRM solution that enabled managing employees’ workload from a centralized system and allowed to reduce wasted time and costs. It had an intuitive user interface. The bespoke CRM system included functions and features relevant to the client’s business. The system digitized customer data to make them accessible and automated all the processes and correspondence with the company’s customers. The company’s customers were given an opportunity to upload photos so that it was possible to see what actually needs to be done. We also included accounting functionality to create reports and invoices so that the client didn’t need to invest in special accounting software.


The custom CRM system eliminated paperwork, streamlined the processes, and gave the client greater visibility of their business with real-time reports. It resulted in substantial time saving on performing different administrative tasks – about 2 hours a day. It means they can save an extra day in a week.

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