6 Ways an Integration Specialist Can Help Grow Your Business

In the digital era, businesses’ main spend is on applications, cloud services, and SaaS products. Each new application adds the value businesses seek to remain competitive. However, as a business’s application stack continues to grow within the company, it becomes increasingly difficult to juggle interactions between applications and departments.

The quick (and most inefficient) fix for businesses to move information between all their different parts is to manually enter the data from one platform to the other. Worse, they use spreadsheets as their reference point.

Luckily, there’s a better solution that can free up your business to rapidly expand and remain competitve: integration. Connecting your business through integrations is the most efficient way to create a real-time, accurate snapshot of your business you can use to drive growth. And an integration specialist is the one who can make that happen.

What Does an Integration Specialist Do?

As a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for different departments to communicate. And it gets more complicated when you realize that different parts of a company develop at different speeds. Remaining connected, especially during rapid growth, becomes increasingly difficult.

Essentially what an integration specialist does is work within your company to connect your various departments and the applications in its software stack. They design, test, and implement integrations across your business to streamline communications and processes. It’s best to think of them as the facilitators of workflow optimization, bridging gaps in your business.

What Value Does an Integration Specialist Provide?

Connecting your business by reducing obstacles and inefficiencies is key for any enterprise to remain competitive in the digital era. And to better understand the exact value integrations can provide, here are 6 ways your business can grow with the help of an integration specialist.

Help Your Team Become More Productive

Menial tasks waste money. They’re not just time-consuming, they drain your company’s resources. Answering generic emails. Inputting data from invoices into multiple, different platforms. Searching for physical documents. Spreadsheets. Cutting out these unnecessary practices with integrations frees up your team to focus on innovation and customer-facing issues.

Unlock the True Potential of Your Business’s Data

Siloed data is problematic. Customers use multiple platforms to engage, purchase, and share insight. If you want to get closer to having one true image of your customer, you have to reduce data siloes. Integrated platforms merge data, reduce redundancies, and provide a clearer image of who your customer is and what they need.

Error Reduction

Human errors can cost a company in huge away. They wash away bottom lines and destroy company images. Duplicated orders. Missed invoices. Deleted customer data. And that’s not even touching on cybersecurity. Human beings make mistakes. An integrations expert can help reduce problems by connected applications together, opening up the doorway for automations. The result is a decreased risk of human error.

Improve Your Team’s Communication

Your company cannot be transparent with siloed data. Nor can you see the clear pictures. However, with the help of an integration special, your connected applications can move data effortlessly across platforms automatically. This cuts down on the back and forth, reduces ticket times, and frees up departments to focus on more important issues.

Empower Strategic Decision Making

Bad data costs companies $3 trillion each year in the U.S. alone. Without visibility, you cannot begin to adequately and accurately plan out the road ahead. And with inaccurate data, your roadmap may be completely off. An integration specialist helps you gain a more accurate, sweeping picture of your enterprise.

And with connected applications, you won’t need to extract data from multiple, fragmented sources, sift through it, and try to piece together an accurate picture. As a result, you’ll be able to make accurate, strategic decisions.

Provide Unparalleled Customer Service

Delivering on customer expectations is key to remaining competitive. And those expectations continue to rise. The more you streamline customer service while providing a truly unique experience for your customers, the better chance your company will have at retention and extending/increasing the CLV of your customers. Even more, you’ll create brand advocates eager to share their experiences with others.

And remember: despite tremendous innovation in tech and services, your customers still want to interact with people when dealing with complex issues. An integrations specialist can free up your employees’ time to make those interactions a reality.

How Can I Find the Right Integration Specialist for My business?

With an integration specialist, you can start optimizing your workflows to empower your business. And with streamlined business processes, you won’t just reduce spend, you’ll provide the specific strategic advantage your company needs to remain competitive. Quandary Consulting Group excels at leveraging Workato and other solutions to build custom integrations designed to connect your business.

With a 100 percent adoption rate, our results speak for themselves. Your business doesn’t need to remain in the dark any longer. Connect your enterprise with the help of an integrations specialist. For more information by contacting us today.

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