6 Alternatives To Spreadsheets And Why You Need One

88% of all spreadsheets have "significant" errors in them. In the past, the lack of industry-wide standards has largely been to blame.

If you do a bit of googling, you’ll see article after article with mentions of corrupted data by way of spreadsheets. Over-complicated spreadsheets are not only difficult to read and analyze but are prone to data entry errors due to their sheer size.

There’s always a better way. New technologies are revolutionizing the way we share and analyze data. In this guide, you will learn different ways of automating your reports without using over-complicated spreadsheets and manual labor.

Download our detailed guide now and find out how to start automating your reporting today.

In this free guide you will learn about:

  • Quick Base
  • Domo
  • TrackVia
  • Kintone
  • Airtable
  • Smartsheets

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