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Quick Base is a no-code, low-code platform used for creating custom solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes. It is an award-winning platform that empowers it’s users to build their own applications with little to no programming knowledge. If you are new to Quick Base and want to start by reading and learning about the most basic functions, check out the 5 basic tips and tricks below. Furthermore, for more advanced users, check out the rest of our Knowledge Center!

1. Navigating the My Apps Page

One of the first steps to take to become familiar with the Quick Base environment is learning to navigate the ‘My Apps’ Page. The ‘My Apps’ Page is where a user can view, categorize, search, add, and remove apps within your organizations Quick Base realm.

Learn more by checking out the full article with helpful screenshots here: Navigating the My Apps Page | BASICS

2. Changing App Name, Description, and Icon

Once an app is created, changing the app name, description, and icon might be necessary. The name and description can be used to find the app and inform all users of the purpose of the app, while the icon and its color can be used to provide visual guidance.

Learn more, see the full article with helpful screenshots here: Changing App Name, Description and Icon | BASICS

3. How to Change the App Manager

When you create a new app in Quick Base, the creator becomes the application manager. If it becomes necessary to change ownership, the following article will show you how. How to Change the Application Manager | BASICS

4. Adding Fields to Forms

Forms are used to input data into your Quick Base applications. Hence when a user ads, views, or edits a record, they are typically completing those tasks from a form. Specific fields are added to the necessary forms to capture the wanted data.

To learn the two ways how you can add fields to a form, see the full article with helpful screenshots here: Adding Fields to Forms | BASICS

5. Reports and Chart Types

Reports and charts are often used in Quick Base to display and view data. As a result, they visually display data in a way that provides valuable insight, which leads to efficient analysis and decision making. Because Quick Base provides a large selection to choose from, it’s helpful to understand the best use cases for each type.

See the full article here to learn about all of them! Report and Chart Types | BASICS

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For more tips-and-tricks and how-to articles about Quick Base development, check out our full Knowledge Base. Here you will find articles ranging from Quick Base’s most basic features, to more Outside of the Box ideas.

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