4 Must-Use Workato Tips And Tricks

If you are new to Workato and want to start by learning the basics, check out the tips and tricks below. For more advanced users, follow our Knowledge Center where we update how-to articles weekly!

1. What is Workato?

Workato, is a market leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). At its core, Workato is an integration engine. It has built in connectors to integrate with a virtually infinite number of software systems, ranging from enterprise solutions like Oracle, to workplace chat pioneer, Slack.

What is a recipe?

Recipes are the built-in step by step guides of what an integration should do. Each recipe has a “trigger,” which dictates when your integration starts. Each recipe also has a “action(s),” which are the actual steps that will be performed via your recipe.

What’s an example of an integration use case? Let’s take an example of a sales team using Salesforce in tandem with Asana to manage all their projects.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way for when sales closes a new deal in Salesforce, a new project is started in Asana so your project team has all the information pre-loaded and ready to go?

Workato can set up an automated series of operations to make that happen:

  • First, the team closes a deal in Salesforce which sets up the trigger event.
  • Workato picks up the trigger event almost immediately.
  • Workato automatically downloads any files associated with the Deal in Salesforce.
  • A new project in Asana with all of the supporting documents as attachments.
  • As a final action, Workato sends a message to your Slack channel and alerts everyone that a new project is created – along with a link to assign responsibility.

To learn more about what Workato is, find the full article here.

2. Creating a New App Connection In Workato

Workato is a tool for connecting applications. There are many different applications that you might want to create a connection for in your Workato account, such as Microsoft Outlook, SurveyMonkey, or Quick Base. You can sort through the hundreds of pre-built connectors that Workato has available to integrated with any of these systems, enter your credentials/authorization – and you have a brand new connection that you can start using in your recipes.

For a detailed step-by-step of how to create a Quick Base connection in Workato, see our full article here.

3. Creating Your First Workato Recipe

A few examples of when you could utilize a Workato recipe are: When emails are sent to a specific address, you can add the email content and all attachment(s) to another system for increased visibility Use when a new row is added in Google Sheets, add a record to your Quick Base database When a project is ready to be billed, re-format the information and enter it in QuickBooks Online

To follow a complete step-by-step of example #2, see the full article here.

4. Logger by Workato

The Logger action by Workato allows users to record the output of other actions in a recipe. This tool is useful to help visualize the data being passed through different steps in a recipe. It is especially useful in helping to debug recipes if receive unexpected results. For developers – this is the Workato equivalent of console.log() or print

To learn more about this topic, see the full article here.

As a market leading iPaas, Workato has built-in connectors to integrate with a virtually infinite number of software systems.

If you want help getting started integrating your business systems, get a complete integrations consultation for $100.

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