4 Quick Base Tips And Tricks Dashboards – 04/09/2019

What Are Dashboards?

Dashboards, commonly known as Home Pages, are customized pages in a Quick Base application that combine several widgets in one easy to navigate location.

Because they are the first thing a user sees when they log in, it is important to make them valuable and appealing. Their purpose is to make data readily available right when a user logs in. They enhance workflow, show key reports and charts, provide buttons to Quick actions, and can be branded and personalized.

Dashboards are a fantastic way to give users all the tools they need right at their fingertips.

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1. Creating a New Dashboard

As your Quick Base application grows, a great way to maintain functionality is by creating new Dashboards. Creating new Dashboards for every role’s specific needs is a great way to keep users organized and motivated.

A few common use cases for additional dashboards are:

  • You have several roles that need specific views and reports when they log in
  • Setting up Executive/ Admin only reporting views
  • Tailor more advanced workflows for specific users and roles

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2. Linking Dashboards Together

Custom Dashboards should all have a clear and specific focus. For users that utilize multiple Dashboards, it is important to link them all together for ease of use.

Let’s use a Sales Team as an example.

The main focus for Sales Reps are seeing new leads as they come in, scheduling follow-ups, working the leads, and closing deals. Their dashboard will likely contain reports and queues for them to prioritize and complete these tasks. These same sales reps are measured against certain sales metrics and goals. They need a place to view their progress towards those goals, set new goals, etc. A goals dashboard that they can access directly from their other dashboard will help to keep their daily tasks separate from this important information.

Some additional use cases to set up multiple dashboards might be:

  • Setting up different Manager dashboards to let you focus on different teams and different reports
  • Backlink to other roles dashboards so you can see what they see

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3. Using Rich Text to Make Your Dashboard Pop

One of the benefits of a custom dashboard is the branding and messaging it contains. These enhancements can be added using Rich Text elements.

Some ways to make your Dashboards pop are:

  • Adding your company logo or application name
  • Providing instructions or how to’s for your end user
  • Adding additional imagery or styled text to make your homepage more visually appealing

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4. Adding Reports to Dashboards

One of the best, and most commonly used, elements to add to your Dashboard is a report. This creates efficiency and ease of use for your users because they do not have to worry about where/how to find their most commonly used reports. This gives users instant access to information that is most important to them.

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