3 Workato Tips and Tricks – 5/14/2019

Workato, is a market leading iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). At its core, Workato is an integration engine. It has built in connectors to integrate with a virtually infinite number of software systems. These softwares range from enterprise solutions like Oracle, to workplace chat pioneer, Slack.

If you read our {Workato Basics Tips and Tricks](/4-workato-tips-and-tricks-04-23-2019/) article, and want to learn more Workato features, see below!

1. Using Workato to Send an Email Through Outlook

One of Workato’s most powerful tools is its ability to send emails. They can be sent on a set schedule, based on a change in another system, or as part of more complex processes where alerting various stakeholders is key. One of the benefits of sending emails through Workato is that it can create a communication log and audit trail of sent mail. There are three built in email connectors; Email by Workato, Gmail, and Outlook. See the article here for an in depth look at sending emails through Outlook, using Workato.

2. Workato for Handling Files

Almost every platform today allows for some version of file attachments. Workato has built in features for accessing, transferring and storing files. You host your files in your primary system, Workato acts as the middleman for downloading it and then you can re-upload or send it where you’d like.

Take a project management system where you are working among engineers or technical resources, handing back and forth technical drawings or specifications or a sales system, where you are downloading / revising / re-uploading each version of a bid. Having all those documents organized and accessible to your whole team is important to ensure your team is always working off the same versions of the files and are all on the same page.

For examples and a full how-to article showing how to set this up in Workato, follow along here!

3. Workato and Custom Connectors

If you’ve read What is Workato, it’s described as an ‘integration engine’. Essentially, Workato comes pre-loaded with hundreds of pre-built connectors.

Each year, the number of available systems on the market grows exponentially. From an integration standpoint, that makes it difficult for companies like Workato to keep up. Not everyone’s system has the bang-for-the-buck need to add an out-of-the-box connector in Workato.

That doesn’t mean Workato isn’t the tool for you.

Enter the Workato SDK. Workato SDK allows you to build your own custom connectors. With these tools, you can become a Workato developer yourself and start building your own triggers, actions, and processes, in order to automate your business. You can use this to connect with any system that allows API access to authorized users and program any and all methods available in that system to work with Workato.

Once you’ve figured out a goal, look to the right people for the job. I’m confident we can point you in the right direction if there’s something we don’t offer.

Moreover, even without having pre-built connectors, Workato still has all the tools you need to let you integrate even the most niche systems.

To learn more, follow along here!

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