3 Quick Base Tips And Tricks – Outside Of The Box 03/26/2019

Outside Of The Box

Quick Base is a no-code, low-code platform used for creating custom solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes. The capabilities of Quick Base are endless. If you are an expert Quick Base developer and want to learn about some unique, Outside of the Box ideas to implement into your Quick Base apps, check out these tips and tricks!

*1. Implementing Custom Imports *

Many companies have data that originates from outside their organization. Therefore, transferring that data to one cohesive data set can be both time-consuming and susceptible to human error. With custom imports, you can define the process so that Quick Base can absorb data, manipulate it, and upload it to the right place automatically. This eliminates the need for manual intervention. Another nice feature is that custom imports have built in error checking and can add additional logic or conditions to your data. For more information check out the following article:

Implementing Custom Imports

2. Dynamic Record Creation

Picture a company that tracks employee PTO requests and manages employee timecards in Quick Base.

  • Employee enters PTO request that contains start and end date
  • You would like each day the employee is gone to be entered as a time card automatically

You can do exactly that by combining Quick Base formulas and Webhooks to automatically generate a dynamic set of child records. For more detailed information and examples check out the following article:

Formulas + Webooks = Dynamic Record Creation

3. Google Maps For Data Visualization

Using the Google Maps API in a Quick Base code page allows for additional functionality that is not possible through a native Quick Base Map Report. Some additional functions are the ability to color code pins, display more dynamic and comprehensive data, have an unlimited number of locations displayed, as well as many other functions. For more information and details on how to create your own custom map, check out the following article:

Google Maps for Data Visualization

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For more tips-and-tricks and how-to articles about Quick Base development, check out our full Knowledge Base. Here you can find articles ranging from Quick Base’s most basic features, to more Outside of the Box ideas like the 3 shown here.

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