3 Quick Base Tips And Tricks – 04/16/2019

Notifications, Subscriptions, & Reminders

Quick Base is a no-code, low-code platform used for creating custom solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes. The award-winning platform empowers users to build their own applications with little to no programming knowledge. If you are new to Quick Base and want to start by learning about notifications, subscriptions, and reminders, check out the 3 basic tips and tricks below. For more advanced users, check out the rest of our Knowledge Center!

Notifications, Subscriptions, and Reminders are commonly used functions of Quick Base that help to streamline processes and make your life easier. Let’s cover some examples of how they can be practically applied to your workflow.

1. Notification

A notification in Quick Base is an email that is trigged when one of the records in your table is modified, added, or deleted (and certain conditions are met). Additionally, you can send notifications using the default set-up or you can customize your own email. This allows you to customize text as well as insert data from the Quick Base record that triggered the email.

A few examples where a notification would be helpful are:

  • Send an mail the Project Manager when a team member completes a task
  • Email an employee when their time-off request is approved
  • Send an email to a customer when their package has shipped

There are many other use cases where notifications are useful in Quick Base. To learn how to set up your own notifications, see the article here.

2. Subscription

Subscriptions allow you to send a report to yourself or others on a regularly scheduled basis. You can use this to draw a user’s attention to important data that needs to be viewed on a regular basis. Furthermore, you can configure your report as you like and have it emailed to specific users. Users can view the report directly from their email or click on the report to be taken to Quick Base, where the user can edit records and make needed updates.

A few examples where a subscription could be used are:

  • Email a report of unapproved time-off
  • Send an email a report of open projects
  • Email a list of tasks with a status of “in-progress”

There are many other use cases where subscriptions are useful in Quick Base. To learn how to set up your own subscriptions , see the article here.

3. Reminder

Reminders allow a user to send an email a specific number of days before or after a record date. Additional criteria can be applied to reminders so that they are sent only under certain conditions. The reminders can provide an alert system to draw user’s attention to important events.

A few examples where this would be used are:

Send an email an employee’s manager a week before the employee’s birthday Email a reminder to the equipment manager when a tool has passed its calibration date Send a technician an email the day before scheduled travel

For a full how-to on setting up reminders, see the full article here.+

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