What if you could cut the size of your IT team and still develop business tools faster than ever? A rising tech company in Massachusetts has the answer.

Quick Base is a software platform that allows businesses to create custom applications for areas such as, project management, sales automation, and IT management, and much more – without the need for dense code. According to a 2016 economic study by Forrester, the average organization was able to reduce IT staff and save “an average of eight weeks of development time” using Quick Base.

The platform has thousands of active users and can account for more than half of the Fortune 100 as part of their client base.

Here are the top 10 industries that are using Quick Base applications to speed up their processes:

1. Airlines/Aviation

Companies such as JetBlue and Southwest Airlines, have adopted Quick Base applications to improve project collaboration and reduce costs in their IT departments.

Additional case studies: Kayak (team communication)

2. Healthcare

According to Francos Tricot, the CIO of French company, Ceva Santé Animale: “When you build a Quick Base app, it’s available everywhere. Any network, any device, it works.”

Additional case studies: Avant Healthcare Professionals (on-boarding support), OSF Healthcare (performance management).

3. Financial Services

Mexico based firm, Cura Deuda, increased customer service response rates by automating their activities with Quick Base sync.

Additional case studies: Presti & Naegele (CRM tool)

4. Engineering & Construction

The engineering firm Naffa, saved over $100k by building a centralized database and reduced the time required to review building plan codes.

Additional case studies: Cooper Materials Handling (employee tracking)

5. Management Consulting

Global consulting giant Accenture was able to reduce labor costs and time to market by automating their forecasting process with Quick Base.

Additional case studies: J. Lodge (Scorecard application)

6. Information Technology

TomTom reduced retail sales errors and sped up lead processing by using Quick Base to manage sales of its GPS platform.

Additional case studies: Planet DDS (data gathering), PTC (record management)

7. Consumer Goods

Proctor & Gamble’s Global Business Services cut operational costs and time spent in meetings by creating user-friendly & web accessible applications for their project teams.

Additional case studies: Revolution Brewing (CRM & event management)

8. Branding & Marketing

Marketing services firm, Helm Inc., significantly reduced their daily use of spreadsheets and automated their accounts receivable collection process with a Quick Base tool.

Additional case studies: TDA (project management), Spyder Trap (automated invoicing & reports),

9. Local Government

The city of New Orleans was able to increase response times to 9/11 calls by building a Quick Base application that eliminates the need to call or email multiple emergency departments in the event of an incident.

Additional case studies: Georgia Department of Administrative Services (customer service tracking)

10. Facilities Management

The multinational firm Sodexo, created an integrated suite of Quick Base apps to manage and track in real-time its growing facilities in North America.

Additional case studies: Able Services (customized dashboards & workflow automation)

If you need support on how to develop Quick Base applications for your business (beginner to expert level), visit our guide on our Knowledge Base. We release articles every week to support developers with their questions.

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